Ploughshares Calgary maintains a library of books and films on subjects like nuclear abolition, peace and faith, nonviolence and bullying. We can also provide speakers or assist in finding other resources on these topics.

Please see below for a list of links to high-quality online sources of information.

Beyond Intractability

Relief Web 

Berghof Foundation

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (United Kingdom) 

Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

Diefenbaker Canada Center 

Peace Makers Trust

Albert Einstein Institute

Peace Magazine

Mennonite Central Committee

Science for Peace

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Project Ploughshares Armed Conflicts Report (from Project Ploughshares national)

Arms Control Association

The Simons Foundation 

UN News

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Federation of American Scientist

Stockholm International Peace Institute

Pax Christi

Canadian Friends Service Committee (Quakers)