Past Events

2019 Events:

Peace Village

Ethical Responses to Refugee Needs Conference

Floating Lantern Peace Ceremony 2019

Lights for Liberty – A Vigil to End Human Concentration Camps

Grant Dawson – Love Your Enemies

2019 Winter/Spring Program

2020 Events:

Virtual Floating Lantern Peace Ceremony 2020 

2021 Events:

January 13– The Nuclear Weapons Stand-off: State of Play with Earl Turcotte

February 10–  Peggy Mason on Pandemic Pivot: We Need a Global Human Security Reset

March 10 – Changing Peace Keeping Protection Strategies

April 14 Movie Night & Discussion: The Third Harmony

May 12 – Anti-Racism in Calgary

August 7 – Floating Lanterns Ceremony

September 22 – Decolonization in Canada: How can we move forward together?

October 13 – The Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan: A Discussion

October 23 – Active Bystander Intervention Training

November 10 – Reflections for Remembrance Day

December 8 – Let’s Talk About Conflict Resolution

2022 Events:

January 22nd Storying Our Place: Reflection, Relationality and Reconciliation

May 11th Civil Resistance in Ukraine