DATE: August 4th, 2018

TIME: 8:20 pm -10:00 pm

WHERE: Olympic Plaza

Light a lantern for peace

Imagine a world at peace. Imagine a world without fear of nuclear weapons because they no longer exist.

Join us as we commemorate the 226,000 lives lost in the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and take a stand for peace. We'll release hundreds of lanterns on the pool at Olympic Plaza in solidarity with people participating in similar events in cities around the world.

Lanterns are available to rent for a donation of $5 or more.



Event Program

  • Calgary musicians on the main stage
  • Multicultural children’s and youth choirs
  • A youth speaker
  • Keynote speech by the Honorable Douglas Roche, Order of Canada (former Canadian Ambassador for Disarmament to the United Nations, Senator, Member of Parliament and author of 22 books)
  • Greetings of peace from the mayors of cities around the world
  • Write your message of peace on a lantern, light it and float it on the pool

The Floating Lantern Tradition

In August of 1945, atomic bombs were dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Some 226,00 people were killed in the immediate aftermath.

Floating lantern ceremonies are held every year in Japan and around the world to commemorate those who died and take a stand for peace. Calgary's sixth annual Floating Lantern Ceremony will be held in tandem with events in many of the 7,568 cities in the 163 regions worldwide who have joined Mayors for Peace.

Mayors for Peace is a group of mayors, including Mayor Nenshi and Mayor Bronconnier before him, who are calling for the elimination of nuclear weapons. The group is just one of thousands of citizen groups across the globe opposed to nuclear weapons. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, unions, parliamentarians, women, faith groups, musicians and artists all have groups in many countries speaking out against nuclear weapons. Join us!